anna and rosie
 Rosie Says:
I was holding a baby for a lot of this meal so I didn't snap any pictures, but the coffee was great and the home-made baked beans were a stand out. The meals are substantial. Do be aware they add little extras that aren't mentioned on the menu (mayo on the BLAT, for example) which was an interesting surprise but all around a very enjoyable meal.

Anna Says:
A great family-friendly cafe with lovely food and good service. The staff were very accommodating as we were there with a large group and a big stroller.

Decor: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Menu Variety: 2.5/5

Food Taste: 4/5

General X Factor: add 3 for general 'good vibe'!

Total Score: 16.5/20

Sideways Deli Cafe
37 Constitution Road, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

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