anna and rosie

Anna Says...
It's right opposite Rozelle Public School and has both outdoor and indoor dining. The service was quite good and they do swap and substitute menu items. I had toast with a variety of spreads as well as sides of haloumi and bacon (well done). Everything came the way I asked for it and was pretty good.

Rosie Says...
This place is quite modern and has an indoor/outdoor feel with plenty of glass. I had the blueberry pancake with Canadian maple syrup and Greek style yoghurt. It was pretty delicious and the coffee wasn't too bad either. By the time we left the line to get in was stretching almost out the door, and they were doing a fairly brisk trade thanks to the Rozelle Public School Markets across the road. The markets and the location on the main street did make parking a bit difficult, and being responsible breakfast bloggers we restrained ourselves,
but it's a nice spot for a cup of coffee and a snack in between buying up big at one of the stalls over the road.

Food Taste: 3
Decor: 3
Service: 3
Menu Variety: 3

Total: 12

Rosebud Restaurant
654 Darling St.

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