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Good morning breakfast lovelies! We're sorry, it's been utterly hectic lately and we've abandoned you the last couple of weeks, but there's no excuse!

So here we are, back in the saddle with a review of Redfern's Baffi and Mo.

Rosie Says...
Apparently this past weekend was the wettest in a long, long time, and I have to say the sheets of rain made me crave warm porridge and enormous cups of coffee. Baffi and Mo seemed to have a menu made up almost entirely of egg dishes -- baked eggs, scrambled eggs, poached or fried, eggs benedict, with various interesting additions such as basil or salmon or goodness knows what else. But what I found missing was real variety. There was no porridge, but there was bircher AND regular muesli, neither of which was going to satisfy the warm, fuzzy food craving I had, so I settled on scrambled eggs and a couple of sides. I have to say I wasn't particularly impressed.  In their defense, a scrambled egg is very, very difficult to make well in a cafe environment. I personally like mine fluffy and fairly dry, both white and yellow colours.  Baffi and Mo's was stuck together in one huge pale yellow lump -- a particular pet peeve of mine. It was pretty tasty despite that, but to add to my growing frustration -- my sides never appeared. 

After our orders were set down the staff seemed to simply disappear, so I couldn't chase them up. When I did -- some twenty to thirty minutes later, it was clear they had completely forgotten about them and so Anna had to sit waiting for me as I ate a plate of bacon and avocado that I would have preferred to enjoy with my toast and eggs. 

I did try some of Anna's hash, which is supposed to be the house speciality, but I wasn't particularly impressed. The staff were sweeties though, and they earnt back some of their lost points by offering us free samples of delicious and interesting macaroons at the counter!

Anna Says...
I quite liked this's cute and quite small and on a rainy day it had a nice feel to it. However the size of the place did become a problem because there were only a couple of tables for small groups and we had to sit on the large communal table. Several times, we had to get up to let other people get out or in, in the middle of breakfast.

The staff there were lovely I thought and other than them forgetting Rosie's bacon, I didn't feel as though I was waiting for a really long time for the food to arrive. I ordered eggs benedict (without the bread) and instead opted for their famous home-made potato hash. My food was OK but I was a little disappointed in that the hash was nothing to rave about in my opinion.

I was also hoping for a little more variety on the menu...was hoping they would serve porridge actually which they didn't. Still...I'd probably go back again.

Food Taste: 3

Decor: 2.5

Service: 3

Menu Variety: 2.5

Total: 11

Baffi and Mo
94 Redfern Street, 
Redfern, NSW 2016
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