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Rosie Says...
Cafe Morso is tucked away down past Star City Casino. We weren't quite sure where the place was, so we took the scenic route and the little walk around the docks yielded some pretty awesome views of the harbour bridge. The place itself is very small, and packed to the gills, but with beautiful views over the water. The rather limited menu is offset by the fact that the food is amazing. I went with the Orange pancakes with berry coulis and yoghurt. The pancakes were soft and fluffy with just a hint of crispness and tasted deliciously citrussy (is that a word? It is now!), without any of the tartness or stringiness you get from orange-rind based flavouring. The coffee was excellent and the service was exemplary.

Morso (Which, frankly, I've been tempted to write as Moreso every time I type it) is also available as a venue for private dining experiences, and with the quiet locale and beautiful harbour views I imagine the place would be quite magical.
Anna Says...
I really liked this place. The location was awsome...right on the water and less crowded and with a more 'local' feel than Circular Quay or Darling Harbour. Great views and it would have scored higher (definite X factor for the views) had we been seated outside. Unfortunately this place was pretty crowded and all the free tables had 'reserved' signs on them. We were seated inside at a small table in a corner as we had not booked. Having said that the food was amazing. I had a souffle with bacon on the side and a bowl of hot chocolate. The service was OK and the interior decor was quite nice. I'd definitely like to come here again but this time I would book and request an outside table with views.

Food Taste: 5/5

Decor: 3.5/5

Service: 3/5

Menu Variety: 3/5

Total: 14.5/20

Cafe Morso
Lower Deck (west side), Jones Bay Warf,
Pirrama Road, Pyrmnt NSW 2009

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