anna and rosie
Rosie Says...
 Holy cow, we're running behind on our entries again. So. Bondi Trattoria. Settled just off Campbell parade, this cafe has a curving outdoor seating area that never fails to be windy. They provide blankets for the adventurous, but it was too chilly for us so we chose an indoor table. This place is very popular with families, and they provide colouring sheets and crayons for the littlies. It's loud, and packed with tables that are crammed together, but the staff are friendly and the food is decent.

I finally got my hands on the comfort porridge. It didn't trump my absolute favourite porridge provider -- Flat White in Woollahra, but it was good. The coffee was good too.  You might have to hang around if you the place during breakfast rush, but it's worth a look.

Anna Says...
I like this place. It's just opposite the beach so if you are sitting outside you have great views. Today was freezing and windy and I was super-excited to go to a place for breakfast which actually had a nice warm inside space. I'm more of  a fan of this place than Rosie. The tables were squished in but that didn't really bother me. I thought the wait staff were friendly and accommodating and I was happy with the food (got the right order, in reasonable time and it tasted great!).

Food Taste: 3.5

Decor: 3

Service: 3

Menu Variety: 3.5

X-Factor: 1

Total: 14

Bondi Trattoria
34 Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
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